Meet the B3D Team

Greg Nixon Jr. is not your typical entrepreneur; he’s a retired professional athlete with a remarkable journey that seamlessly blends sports, technology, and entrepreneurship. With an impressive athletic career, Greg’s legacy extends beyond the track.

In his eight years as a professional athlete, Greg earned the prestigious titles of 3-time World Champion and 2-time U.S. 400m Champion. His dedication and excellence led to a major endorsement with top shoe company Asics.

While sprinting around the world, Greg pursued a master’s in architecture at the University of California, Los Angeles (UCLA). Although he didn’t complete all master’s hours due to a busy traveling schedule, his passion for design remained undiminished. Greg also volunteered most of his offseason as a celebrity ambassador for Habitat for Humanity. As a celebrity ambassador, he offered hands-on assistance to families in the construction of their homes.

Greg’s multifaceted talents extend beyond the track and construction sites. He is a seasoned 3D visualization artist, leveraging his skills to transform concepts into stunning visual representations. His entrepreneurial spirit found expression in the world of 3D modeling and rendering, where he serves a growing clientele of professionals, contributing to the visual storytelling of multi-million dollar homes in the Los Angeles area.

One of Greg’s crowning achievements is his instrumental role in the conceptual 3D design of USC’s Track & Field facility. This groundbreaking project, valued at $16 million dollars, started construction in the spring of 2020. Greg’s ability to merge his passion for athletics and design showcases his unique and impactful approach to both sports and entrepreneurship.

Today, Greg Nixon Jr. continues to break boundaries, proving that the journey from the track and field to entrepreneurship can be as seamless as his strides on the track.

Blessing Mukome is a versatile and passionate designer with over 7 years of experience, I specialize in delivering architectural conceptualization, design, and 3D visualization projects. My approach seamlessly blends creativity with pragmatism, ensuring a holistic understanding of a project’s needs within the parameters of design and construction technologies. Proficient in the adoption and implementation of architectural software, my strong background in software development and coding enables me to provide applied solutions that push boundaries.

Blessing brings proven problem-solving and analytical thinking skills to every project, accompanied by a fast-learning curve and an innate ability to adapt to evolving industry trends and technologies. A dedicated professional, I am determined to deliver value and sustainability through innovative and holistic design, leveraging the power of 3D visualization and technology. My commitment lies in shaping spaces that not only captivate aesthetically but also stand as a testament to cutting-edge design and problem-solving.

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